A Journey of Growth and Discovery with Basilic Fly in VFX

1. When did your journey to Chennai begin?

1st Jan 2022 when I shifted to Chennai from Mumbai and joined BFS. I have completed 2 amazing years and going on. Relocating to a new city and settling into a new job was a significant life change for me, and to embrace the opportunities and challenges that came my way.

2. What is your preferred South-Indian dish?

Rasam Rice and variety on delicious Chutneys.

3. What Tamil word do you frequently use?

Actually there are many frequent ones I use, starting with — What “DA”, Saptiya, Solunga, Polama, Nethiku, Inniku and Nalliku and many more, I am still learning.

4. Shruti, have you explored any locations within or near Tamil Nadu?

I love Traveling!!! So, Yes a lot. Chennai and its surrounding areas offer a rich tapestry of cultural, historical, and natural attractions, making it an ideal place for a travel enthusiast. Have explored places like ECR Beaches, Mahabalipuram, Rameswaram, of course Pondicherry and many more nearby ones have provided with diverse experiences ranging from beautiful beaches to historical monuments and spiritual sites. And still exploring as there’s so much more to discover.

5. Can you share a difficulty you faced during your initial time in Chennai?

Yes, adapting to a new place can indeed present challenges. Mainly, Language is still the main barrier which I think I’m coping up quite well now from the past one year. Secondly, it’s the food and the climate which I’m still struggling with as it’s significantly different from what I’m used to. It’s a process, and with time, one likely finds their own ways to navigate and enjoy these aspects of the new environment which I’m presently doing right now.

6. What aspect of Chennai do you find most appealing?

Chennai beaches, Temples and the Richness of the culture. Each of these aspects offers a unique and enriching experience. Also, people are so helpful and welcoming. Building connections and friendships especially at the workplace has enhanced the overall experience.

7. Have you encountered any significant challenges?

Again mentioning about the language barrier we encounter in our surroundings and can indeed present its unique set of challenges. The language barrier, at times, may create a sense of disconnection, making it seem like there’s an invisible barrier between. However, I have managed to cope up with that so far with the help and support of my colleagues and friends at BFS.

8. How did Basilic Fly Studio support you while you were working away from home?

For more than a decade, I have been away from home. I started working in the VFX industry from 2013 in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and now Chennai. BFS has a friendly and supportive environment. Having amazing colleagues who double as friends has truly made a significant impact on my work experience and overall well-being and speaks volumes about sharing the positive relationships within the team and company. Their throughout support, understanding and belief in me and my work has given me immense courage and confidence to stay my ground and face challenges head-on.

9. Would you recommend that an aspiring VFX artist move to a different city for work?

Yes Absolutely!! As it gives more exposure and the holistic nature of the learning experiences that comes with working in a diverse work environment. This exposure can broaden one’s horizons, enhance problem-solving skills, and contribute to professional growth. Working away from home often entails navigating various aspects of life independently. This includes managing finances, handling responsibilities, and adapting to a new lifestyle. These experiences contribute to personal development and provide valuable life lessons.

Building relationships with colleagues from diverse backgrounds can create a strong professional network. These connections may prove valuable not only for your current role but also for future opportunities and collaborations. Adapting to different situations, interacting with people from various backgrounds, and facing uncertainties can foster resilience, adaptability, and a well-rounded personality.

10. Did you pick up any new hobbies or habits while in Chennai?

More of Traveling for sure and Yes, making a habit of eating more South Indian food. Jokes apart, yes due to flexible working hours at BFS, it also allows me to focus and manage my personal time and well-being. I’m somewhere a fitness freak in nature and the flexibility in my working hours provides me with the opportunity to structure my day in a way that accommodates my fitness routine and ensures to stay committed and achieve my daily close to 10k steps goals, hahaha!!

This is a valuable benefit that contributes to a healthier work-life balance.

11. Share with us your most recent film experience you enjoyed working on.

So there was this one show with one of our esteemed clients where we got multiple pipeline requests to work on a critical challenging scope of work with a very tighter timeline and quality check. Here we as a team made some strategic moves to execute this show with the expected timeline while presenting and delivering the best output. During the whole show execution thing what I most cherish and enjoyed was the Planning and the Team work execution we have put through with all the positive approaches. The regular catch ups were the most fun thing we had
on this project. As a producer, I feel privileged to work with our amazing team and talented creatives supporting in the best way and leaving no stone unturned to make this show a successful completion.

And lastly to get a great appreciation email from our client stating that everything went so smoothly for them and they were very happy with the quality of work and completed the show with the minimal versions before the timeline.

12. Could you share any project experience where you managed challenges with relative ease?

Successfully delivering over 250 plus creatively challenging shots, we navigated a demanding timeline with finesse, garnering client appreciation. Despite the extensive workload, the collaborative spirit within the internal team was pivotal in achieving outstanding results. The project was executed seamlessly, exceeding expectations and showcasing the best quality. Communication with the client was exceptionally smooth, adding an extra layer of success to the overall show execution.

As overall working on the project / Other projects – Managing the intricacies of long-running shows with challenging timelines and complex scopes of work, we successfully completed creative projects featuring larger shots and requiring higher mandays. Despite the demanding nature of the work, the commitment to quality checks and meeting heightened client expectations remained a top priority for us throughout the production process.

As a Show Producer, I embraced the role of a proficient team leader, adept at navigating both collaborative efforts and independent responsibilities amidst extreme work challenges. Fostering a friendly and cooperative atmosphere within internal teams, I prioritized effective communication, active listening, trust-building, and understanding. Successfully managing multiple teams across various departments, I ensured a harmonious and productive working environment.

Managing schedules and timelines, especially when handling multiple projects across different regions and time zones for clients, is a crucial aspect of my job role. The dynamic nature of international clients often requires a skill set that involves negotiation and persuasive abilities. While initially challenging, I’ve honed these skills to understand the unique nature of international clients, making it relatively easier to navigate and handle difficult conversations with ease.13.

13. In summary, what aspects of Basilic Fly Studio do you appreciate the most?

I love the way the studio makes us feel homely. It is just amazing to see how culturally rich our studio turns during all the festivity and celebrations which adds a special touch. It’s a home away from home.

This inclusiveness makes individuals from different backgrounds feel valued and appreciated, contributing to a positive and supportive environment. The cultural celebrations provide opportunities for colleagues to connect on a personal level, sharing traditions, stories, and experiences. These connections can go beyond the professional sphere, creating lasting friendships.

Secondly, I have the privilege of working on the International Shows at Basilic Fly which helped me in building good networks and relationships with our esteemed clients.