Beyond Boundaries: Residing and Thriving with Basilic Fly

Basilic Fly Studio is a hub of artists from many cities in India. We love the diversity and take great measures to preserve it. This ‘Far from Home’ series covers one such artist, shedding light on their experiences staying away from their hometown.

In this edition, we interviewed Kuldeep Kumar, a junior compositor who comes from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. He started as a Jr. Paint Artist who worked as a Sr. Mentor and Trainer before taking up compositing.

Now, let’s dive into a quick chat with Kuldeep to witness his adaptation to working away from home.

1. When did you come to Chennai?

2016. So, it’s been 7 years now. Before Chennai, I worked in Chandigarh. There, I previously worked as a stereo roto artist.

2. Favorite South-Indian food?

Dosa and chutney.

3. Which Tamil word do you use most often?


4. Have you traveled anywhere in and around Tamil Nadu?

Yes! So many places – Kanyakumari, Pondicherry, Rameswaram, and Mamallapuram. Each place is unique, and I love them all.

5. What’s the one thing that made you suffer in the initial days?

It took some time for me to adapt to the food. Now, I cook my own food. However, compared to a few years ago, I could find many North-Indian restaurants now.

6. What do you love the most about Chennai?

People are very welcoming. Tamilians are some of the most loving and compassionate people I have come across. Also, I feel that Chennai is one of the safest cities in India.

7. Have you had any challenging situations?

Yes, I recall a few. I managed all of them quite easily. But, the Covid-19 pandemic was difficult. Thankfully, BFS’ support got me through. I was given the WFH option for three months and got all the necessary facilities. My supervisors were helpful as well. Since there was no option to travel or spend time with my friends, I thought a lot about home. However, my wish to go back home was fulfilled during the second pandemic. During uncertain times, while manpower rationalizing took place across industries, management continued to leverage the financial and mental strength of BFSians.

8. Would you advise an aspiring VFX artist to take up a job and reside in a different city?

Absolutely, they need to grab a good opportunity whenever presented. You have to take risks. Yes, it can be hard at times, but the rewards are worth it. I’ve grown in BFS due to my choice to move to another city.

9. Any habits/hobbies you developed in Chennai?

Chennai is full of temples. You name any god, and he/she would have a temple here. I love to explore them, especially with my Tamil friends. I tag along with them, and sometimes they even act as a tour guide.

10. Which is your favorite movie you recently worked on?

I would pick ‘’Dumb Money’’ for which my name was included in the post-credits. This was achieved in collaboration with my Pune colleagues.

11. List any two projects where you worked on the challenges with ease.

1. In “Dumb Money,” split-screen compositing and retime artifacts took meticulous effort and dexterity to match the edit references, which turned out well as per the client’s expectations.

2. In another project, a mountain needed to be added to the live plate as a background. It was received as a wide-angle, well-lit shot with numerous trees and branches, making it challenging to blend with the mountains. This was resolved using collaborative discussions and executed with advanced compositing techniques.

To conclude, tell us what you like about Basilic Fly Studio.

I’ve been with BFS for more than 7 years now. There has been multiple positives substantiating in my tenure, such as upskilling of creative abilities, friendly- fun work culture, and enjoyed mentoring the senior resources, have made my journey a success here.