BFS: Nurturing the Next Gen of VFX Talents

Meet Kannan and Thamizh, the powerhouse artists at Basilic Fly Studio, India’s leading VFX Studio! Their journey from budding talents to VFX maestros is a living testament to our studio’s unwavering commitment to artist training and growth. Starting as Roto artists, this duo sprinted to the top, leaving their mark on blockbusters like Avatar: Way of Water, Spiderman: No Way Home, and Thor: Love & Thunder. Perfect shots and unmatched creativity are their signatures. And guess what? They’re not stopping there; a new adventure in Concept Art awaits!

Concept Art, you say? Hold onto your seats!

At Basilic Fly Studio, we’re more than proud – we’re ecstatic – to host a family of dedicated and talented artists. We don’t just preach about pushing boundaries; we live it. Our commitment to training artists in cutting-edge domains is no joke. When we say top-class training, we mean it. Case in point: Igor Staritsin from Industrial Light & Magic, an expert in Concept Art, leading the charge. He’s a VFX veteran, with a rich experience of 16+ years, shaping our artists with his impeccable training.

Not many studios venture into this realm, but we’re breaking barriers. We are proud that Basilic Fly effortlessly navigates the VFX industry as a versatile full-service company, and setting the International standards in the VFX Training arena. This is definitely just the beginning!

Our artists – our treasure, they aren’t just creating; they’re pioneering. Hats off to our young dynamic duo, Kannan and Thamizh, for diving headfirst into this uncharted territory!

But wait, there’s more! Kannan and Thamizh are just the tip of the iceberg. Brace yourself for a wave of talent, with others queued up for upskilling in their departments and beyond. Elankathir from the paint department is up next – his story’s about to unfold!