Listening to music and VFX productivity

VFX work excites creative minds. Transforming ideas into visual elements is not for all.14,000 VFX artists worked for the climax of Avengers Endgame. It took them ~16 weeks. That’s one sample for how long it takes to create spellbinding visual effects. To stay creative and productive, VFX artists try out multiple things. Listening to music is one way they use to be attentive. Music elevates moods, keeps you entertained, and blocks distractions. Sites like Coffitivity, Noisli, Freemium, and are getting more popular. As a workday creativity tool, they provide gentle ambient sounds of a cafe, crickets, bells, heavy rain, wind, fan, and frogs.

Music – A caffeine shot to the brain
One of the effective ways to clear brain fog is listening to music. Music reaches the pleasure and reward centers of the brain. It triggers dopamine production. Dopamine is at play when somebody gifts us a box of chocolates or surprises us with a goodie.

Music is fuel for creativity
Artists often need to think of radical ideas to do their work. An artist from Basilic Fly Studio says, ”Music calms my senses and takes me to my Zen mode”. Ever wondered why songs like Gangnam Style or Despacito became global hits even though it’s not understood by all? Music is a dopamine maker. The phrase, ‘Music Soothes the Savage Beast’ (The Mourning Bride) turns out to be just right! Music has the power to reduce stress, anger & helps recall memories. It gives a sense of reward. Some say music is medicine for body, mind, and soul. Another thing that makes music so special is it lets the child in you to come out and play. So, talk to friends about what genre of music makes them more productive. Maybe their playlists can motivate you. Also, you can find what’s new and trending in the music world. Keep experimenting with music and see how it increases your efficiency and above all, VFX artistry.


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